Good Shepherd Nursery School

 Who We Are

 Good Shepherd Nursery School is a non-profit organization, owned by the Lutheran Church of the Good Shepherd. It is licensed by the Ohio Department of Job and Family Services for an average attendance of 50 students per session. A copy of the law and rules governing the operation of this child care center is available for perusal as required by law. Good Shepherd Nursery School does not discriminate its' enrollment of children based on race, sex or religion. 

A Bridge Between Home & School
At Good Shepherd Nursery School, our goal is to help 3, 4 and 5-year olds make an easy transition from the security of home life to the unfamiliar world of elementary school. Preschool learrning and social development take place in an atmosphere of sharing and understanding. Our teachers encourage each child's strengths and guide his or her development in physical, social, intellectual, and emotional growth. Large, sunlit classrooms and outdoor play area...experienced and concerned teachers...and a spirit of Christian caring all combine to make Good Shepherd Nursery School an extension of your family.


Teacher: Another Adult Who's a Friend
Your child's teachers have the special skills and training to develop trusting relationships with your son or daughter. As teachers and friends, they use their experience and personal insights to encourage their strengths, and to guide their overall development. Equally important, they help your child to become a happy and important member of the group. In this way, they learn to accept the authority and love of an adult other than Mom or Dad-an important step in preparing for school.


Learning at Good Shepherd
Our program emphasizes mental, social and physical development through activities your child enjoys, and which take advantage of his or her natural curiosity. Our daily schedule provides a time for individual choices, time for teacher-led group activities, socialization during snack time and active outside play (weather permitting) while under teacher supervision. 


  •  Small & Large Muscle Development blocks, workbench tools, sewing, jungle gym, balance board, climbers...
  • Self Expression music, dance, finger plays, role-playing, stories, clay, paint, scissors, paste... 


Enduring Spiritual Values
At Good Shepherd Nursery School, we believe that God loves and cares for all His children, regardless of race or religion. We demonstrate this belief by loving and caring for your child. Once they discover that they are accepted and loved outside their family, they grow to accept, appreciate and care for others.


Parents Get Involved, Too
You, as a parent, help to maintain important home-school ties during this transition between home and school by helping with field trips, helping in the classroom, and communicating with the teachers your goals and concerns. You have a unique opportunity to work with your child's teacher on a volunteer basis, occasionally through the school year. Parent involvement enhances the communication between home and school, smoothing the transition for the child.


Parent-Teacher Conferences

Arranged upon request. A formal conference between teacher and parents is scheduled in the spring. Parents may visit the school at any time the school is in operation. 

Child Guidance
At Good Shepherd discipline is done with love and kindness. Most of the children's behavior can be modified with praise and redirection. The classroom teacher will explain in a positive way the appropriate behavior.








Parent Quote 

"Good Shepherd has been such a great experience for us, and we are so grateful to you and your staff for the wonderful job you do of teaching and caring for our children. You provide a warm, clean, bright, safe environment where we always feel secure and welcome


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